How Secure are Your Car Locks?

Secure Car Lock in San Jose

 There are many different ways you can protect your car from theft or a break-in; some are more effective than others. Car alarms have become more of a nuisance than a viable security option, and some lock options cause grief more than anything else. Here is a look at different types of car locks and how secure they are.

 Wheel locks might not protect your car from a smash-and-grab type theft, but they will prevent someone from stealing your expensive after-market wheels. These are more effective than lug-nut locks, which some people have described as useless. Wheel locks can be problematic if you lose the key: not many locksmiths can make replacements and dealers may be unwilling to create a replacement for you.

 Steering wheel locks are probably the most effective anti-theft device on the market today. Again, they might not prevent someone from smashing in your car window and stealing something that’s in your car, but they’ll prevent a thief from stealing the vehicle. One of the least expensive steering wheel locks is The Club, which only costs about $25 and is very easy to use. The Club is difficult to beat, and a thief that sees a car with a Club on the steering wheel will move on to an easier target.

 There are also full steering wheel cover locks; mostly available in the United Kingdom, these are said to be the best theft prevention devices in the world. They are large, a little bit inconvenient, and expensive, but according to British police, they work very well.

 Gear box locks are other anti-theft devices that your Sacramento locksmith might recommend if you want to add an extra layer of security to your car. These locks fit around the gear shift and prevent it from moving. However, a Sacramento locksmith will also warn you that a gear box lock should be used as part of a security system; it should never be used only by itself. For example, use a gear box lock along with The Club and you’ll have a car that’s virtually theft-proof.

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